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Carl Borden, CMT, RMT

“Healing From Within”

Carl is a Registered Massage/Acupressure therapist. Carl has been in the medical field since 1988, to include: Navy Corpsman in Desert Storm, EMT, Internal Medicine, Orthopedics, and Radiology (RT. R, MRI). He graduated from Crestone Healing Arts School to receive his Registration in Therapeutic Massage and Acupressure. His training and philosophy is based through Traditional Chinese Medicine, and he believes that through compassion and the healing touch of another, we can begin to strengthen our Spirit-Mind-Body connection and begin to heal ourselves from within.

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Carl is a rare combination of massage therapist and friend. He is both compassionate and caring which, I believe, exemplifies his skills as a massage therapist. He is a therapist dedicated to his professional craft, intuitive in his method, and kind beyond all expectations. I have sought his help with chronic neck and back concerns. Carl always takes the time to consult with me about the discomfort I am having. He is a massage therapist governed by successfully assisting his clients find pain and stress relief and not one governed by a time clock. He will persist in helping clients through their pain, recovery, and maintenance with great patience and empathy. I can give no higher recommendation for a professional massage therapist than he has earned in his care for me.  - L.U.

Paula Borden, RMT, LLCCA Wellness Haven

Paula’s education is a combination of degrees, certifications, practioner training and continuing education. Which consist of an Associate’s Degree in Sports Medicine, (training in exercise physiology and sports  massage), an Associate’s Degree in Occupational Assistant and National Certification ( training in ADL’S, and several massage techniques) COTA,  training for  Therapeutic Touch and Reiki Practioner, Nationally recognized Certification in Lymphatic/Lymphedema Treatment.

Paula began her career in 1989, working at Memorial Hospital Out Patient Rehab., working with orthopedic patients, pain program patients, work conditioning patients and assisted the Biofeedback Therapist with sensory integration and guided imagery. Through continuing education classes, Paula broadened her field with training in strain/ counter strain techniques, myofascial release, reflexology, neuro-muscular re-ed, soft tissue mobilization, visceral techniques, scar release techniques, craniosacral therapy and color therapy.  In 1998, Paula began her journey to the lymphatic/lymphedema realm with 2 continuing education classes, after which Paula developed and implemented the Lymphedema Program at Memorial Hospital Out Patient Rehab. In 1999, Paula signed up for her first LDT-1 class with Upledger Institute and her passion began.  Paula would then go on to study under Dr. Bruno Chikly, MD, and become a Certified Lymphatic/Lymphedema Therapist.

Paula opened her part-time massage practice in Pueblo, in 2003, while still working at Memorial Hospital.

Paula retired from Memorial Hospital  the end of March, 2009, and is now full-time in Pueblo, practicing as a Registered Massage Therapist, and Certified Lymphatic/Lymphedema Therapist, RMT, LLCC .

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