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Lymphatic Drainage
lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic Wrap
Lymphatic Wrap

Lympatic Drainage MassageLymphatic Massage

Lymphatic Massage DrainageLymphatic Massage

Lymphatic WrapLymphatic Wrap

Lymphatic Drainage
Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Drainage Flow
Lymphatic Drainage Flow



The Lymphatic Treatment Center of Pueblo

  Open Flow
Like a river, your lymph system requires flow for health and recovery

Lymphedema Treatment:
Primary and Secondary

Lymphedema Secondary to:
Breast Cancer
Throat Cancer
Reproductive Cancer
Prostate Cancer
Node Removal
Radiation Treatment

Edema, Fibrotic Tissue Secondary to:
Chemo Therapy
Breast Expanders
Breast Implants
Venous Insufficiency
Cardiac Leg Edema

Treatment May Consist of:
Full Body Manual Complex Decongestive Therapy
Lymphatic Mapping
Compression Bandage Wrap (if needed)
Kinesio Taping for Lymphedema

Patient/Client/Caregiver Education:
Lymphatic System
Importance of Hydration
Self Drainage
Skin Care
Restrictive Clothing
Foods to Avoid
Medical Alert Bracelets
Application of Compression
Bandage Wraps
Use of Compression Garments
Follow Up


Paula Borden

We accept cash, check and credit cards.
Receipts for flex plans and insurance reimbursement (with a script from your Dr.) available upon request

The Lymphatic Treatment Center of Pueblo contracts with only LLCC certified Lymph/Lymphedema Therapists, whose education and certification meets the standards and requirements of the National Lymphedema Network and H.R. 1846 of Medicare with a minimum of 135 class hours. This treatment program meets their standards and requirements.


HOPE Retreat
(Healing Opportunities through Personal Enrichment™)
Are you a breast cancer survivor 6-12 months out of treatment?
We invite you to the HOPE Retreat to reflect on your cancer experience in a comfortable, caring environment.  The HOPE Retreat was developed by a breast cancer survivor out of her need to share her unique breast cancer journey with her “peers” and to identify positive life changes.

Letter to Secretary Sebelius

In this letter to Secretary Sebelius John Ossipinsky explains how missed science about the lymphatic system is hurting our nation.

November 18, 2009
Secretary Kathleen Sebelius
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
200 Independence Avenue, S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20201

Dear Secretary Sebelius:

I am contacting you to ask for your help with a serious national health problem, that is hurting most of us, based on missed science about the lymphatic system. It is especially hurting infants with diseases like colic, cystic fibrosis, Muscular Dystrophy, learning disabilities, Asperger's and autism. This missed science also plays a major role in why there is such a problem with obesity in our nation and among our children. The problem is missed published science about the lymphatic system (a sewage treatment plant for the body) and an important part of the immune system response. I am a retired NYC Firefighter and Lymphedema therapist living in Surprise, Arizona. Over the past six years I have contacted the government, politicians, NIH, Surgeon General's office, and medical schools to explain that missed science about acid and its negative effect on the lymphatic system, is not understood in our idea of disease and attaining good health.

The lymphatic system plays a major role in removing excess fluid and proteins (parts of dead cells and fibrin) from the body. When the body is even slightly acidic, the tiny lymphatic vessels constrict and cellular waste builds in the body. You will see later in this letter how many of our diseases have to do with excess protein building in specific parts of the body. I have not stopped trying to contact the government, NIH, medical researchers, as well as leading doctors, because this MISSED SCIENCE, that an acidic pH slows or stops the lymphatic system (our body's sewage treatment plant) is allowing proteins to build in the body. This is hurting all of us in some way, but it is especially hurting infants and children.

The lymphatic system is so important that if it did not recover the protein-rich liquid (a large part of which the venous system cannot recover), the body would probably develop major systemic edemas (protein loss), auto-intoxification and die within 24 - 48 hours (Guyton A.C., 1985). Experiments have shown that the complete blockage of all the lymphatics of the leg of a dog brings death in a few weeks (Clodius L., Altorfer L., 1977).





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