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I wholeheartedly believe that Carl is a gift from heaven.  He not only helped me physically, mentally and spiritually through a difficult time but he also is a true example of living from the heart.  I have been blessed by the therapies Carl offers.

Certified Biofeedback Therapist

I believe we could all benefit from a more holistic and Integrated wellness system. I have worked in the allopathic medical field for almost 2 decades and it is truly full of High Tech miracles.  I do see a major flaw in that system however; it has created a system with little or no natural healing or preventative care. We have somehow overlooked all the natural means of caring for ourselves and almost totally rely upon an instant cure (regardless of the side effects) to achieve that instant cure. This type of use of technology has lead to more of a “sickness system” instead of a “wellness system”, (let’s wait tell we are really sick then just go get a shot or surgery to cure us).

What if we used our wonderful technology as the emergency backup system for our health and we depended much more on natural means for maintaining our heath? Mankind has used natural healing since he has been on earth, it obviously works, we are here. Ancient man has survived unbelievable health concerns and for the most part he only had the human touch and his healing intentions to help him get through it. Those benefits are still here today, most likely called alternative medicine, (a more natural way of healing and maintaining our health). What if we all used all the natural sources of healing first, then if needed progress to the use of our modern technology?

Carl saved me! My fingers were going numb and turning white. My chiropractor did some adjustments but recommended a therapeutic massage therapist to keep my muscles relaxed and functioning properly. I tried several area therapists before finding Healing From Within. Carl not only targeted the muscles affecting my hands and stopped the numbness, but he is generous with his time and treatments. Healing From Within has a holistic and intuitive approach that compliments any treatment program.    - A.H.


I do believe if we could join natural healing with modern technology we could live with a greater sense of wellbeing, greater inner peace, and less pain and disease. One of the greatest issues that natural healing can address as its mainstay is Stress release. Countless documents, from countless agencies, from many if not all fields of science all state that the number one cause for illness and injury is STRESS. The most time proven and efficient means of stress relief is the human touch, massage. I believe that the body is very capable of healing itself, if given a chance to be at peace.

What can I do for you? Well I cannot reattach your arm , or replace your heart with an animal heart nor can I offer you chemicals to force your body to react the way I want it to. I can however help to relieve pain in your muscles and joints, help release stress from you as a whole, calm and rebalance your emotions and thoughts, and improve your immune system to help you fight disease.

My desire is to care for each person as a whole, (spirit, mind and body), not just a symptom. Using all that I know to create an integrated therapy that will give each person a time for healing at all levels.

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All missed appointments will be billed. Couples massage by gift certificate or pre-pay. 

...My brain never seemed to shut down. I could never fall asleep in less than two hours and would often wake up and be unable to get back to sleep. I even resorted to taking over the counter sleep remedies to help me get some sleep. Now, I am able to fall asleep quickly and rarely wake up during the night.         - Anonymous

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