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Paula Borden - Therapist


Paula is a very gifted therapist, with healing hands.  I always feel so relaxed during massage. She is very sincere and caring.  I would recommend her to anyone. She has a way of knowing exactly what you need even if you don't.
- J.S.

Paula’s passion for massage and lymphatic work is known and respected throughout the state of Colorado, by  patients  (cancer, diabetics, vascular,) clients (stressed, overworked, those seeking wellness)  and the medical community (nurses, doctors, oncologists, radiologists and surgeons) 

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!” 

This is not a job, but what I love to do.  It is gratifying and what makes me happy and content.

“To be proficient in what I have to offer to others for their mind, body, spirit wellbeing is my standard.  This is what I strive to achieve on a daily basis.  I am here for you, and to do the best to my ability to help you achieve your goals, of health, wellness, happiness and inner prosperity.”

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I’ve been seeing Carl & Paula Borden about a year now.  They are truly amazing as a couple and as masseurs.  Carl has the strong hands that melt your aches and pains away.  Paula has the soft touch that heals the body’s aliments.  Both have a unique way of treating their clients but both are wonderful in their own way.  They have improved my overall physical and mental state of mind.  I’ve had massage therapy from so many different people thru out my life but never have I been treated like a friend.  That’s what they offer to me, my husband, my sister and friends.  “A Wellness Haven” is just what you need to feel better today.
- Anonymous


The Lymphatic Treatment Center of Pueblo: Paula Borden

Paula's certification is through Upledger and Dr. Chikly's program. This program is unique in the training of the lymph system and lymph drainage from head to toe, including inside the mouth. This has enabled me to treat the effects from radiation for all cancer patients including throat cancer. Her bandaging skills are another asset of hers, since she thinks outside the box to brain storm and tickle problem areas.

Paula works with doctors of all disciplines in the treatment of lymphedema and education:

 Family Practice:
     chronic Fatigue
     fibrocysic breasts
     ease of mammograms
     during chemo
     lymphedema education
     skin integrity
Cancer Surgeons:
     post surgery
     resolve scar tissue from scars
     auxiliary dissection
     home programs
Oncology Radiology:
     during radiation therapy
     burn prevention education
Plastic Surgeons:
     pre and post surgery
     encapsulated implants
 Lactation Problems:
     plugged ducts
     post mastitis
     When appropriate:
     leg edema (lymphedema)
     venous insufficiency

Lymph drainage is the key to a healthy lymph system and healthy immune system.

Contact Paula today to schedule an appointment.

No Show Policy:
All missed appointments will be billed. Couples massage by gift certificate or pre-pay. 


HOPE Retreat
(Healing Opportunities through Personal Enrichment™)
Are you a breast cancer survivor 6-12 months out of treatment?
We invite you to the HOPE Retreat to reflect on your cancer experience in a comfortable, caring environment.  The HOPE Retreat was developed by a breast cancer survivor out of her need to share her unique breast cancer journey with her “peers” and to identify positive life changes.




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